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Residential Pricing

Storage unit rental:


Rental rate is based on the number of mobile storage units used, NOT the number delivered. You only pay rent on the mobile storage units you use.

With the price of fuel we try to deliver extra space in case you need it, rather then drive back out to deliver another unit. It only takes a few minutes to deliver an extra unit.

2 units = 1 medium PODS unit
3 units = 1 large PODS unit
5 units = 8' x 25' of storage space in one delivery
5 units = a little larger than the largest U-Haul


Rate per truckload – see below. (1 truckload = up to 5 mobile storage units)

1-7 miles of The Storage Spot (919 Thor Drive, Bloomington, IL).
$50 for delivery and $50 for pick up.  

Most deliveries in Bloomington-Normal fall within 7 miles of The Storage Spot.
$5 supplemental charge for each additional mile. 

There is no delivery charge if you drop-off or pickup your items at the storage warehouse.

Please contact us for an exact mileage quote.

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