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Storage of your tools, equipment and supplies at your jobsite with The Storage Spot is simple. We work with you to determine your storage needs and then deliver our on-site storage units directly to your jobsite. Contractors appreciate our flexibility with scheduling delivery and our quick response times. Our delivery drivers are professionals who are safety conscious, polite and customer service oriented. Customer service is our specialty, and unlike the national storage companies, we listen to cater to your needs. Working with the Storage Spot means that we’re local – you’ll save money on delivery fees and have us nearby to respond quickly.


  Our commercial storage containers come in a variety of sizes:

                                      • 20’ Ground Container
                                       • 40’ Ground Container
                                       • 20' Office Container
                                       • Other sizes available


In addition to our portable storage units for rent for tools and construction materials, The Storage Spot rents container offices. Our ground-level office containers provide convenient access to on-site office space. We can help you decide which office will work best for your project.