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Feature The Storage Spot PODS® Traditional Self-Storage Comments
PODS® vs. The Storage Spot Sizes N/A N/A N/A 1 Small PODS® = 1 The Storage Spot Unit
1 Medium PODS® = 2 The Storage Spot Units
1 Large PODS® = 3 The Storage Spot Units
Delivers the Most Storage Space in a Single Delivery N/A The Storage Spot can delivery up to 25' of space in a single delivery and delivery charge. PODS® can only deliver at most 16' of space in a single delivery.
Sized for Your Individual Needs N/A Each storage unit holds 1 - 1 ½ rooms so you only need to pay for as much space as you need. The smallest PODS® mobile unit is nearly the size of a small garage. Remember with The Storage Spot, you only pay for the storage space you use.
Unit Placement Flexibility Because The Storage Spot has smaller storage units, they can be placed in different locations for easy loading. Put one by the garage, one by the back door, and one by the front door to save you time and effort!
Home Delivery With mobile storage units you can load at your home and at your own pace!
Packing and Unpacking Minimized With mobile self-storage units you can cut your work in half! No truck rentals with multiple packing and unpacking.
Ultra Flexible Delivery N/A PODS® needs a clearance of 12 ft in width and 15 ft in height to place a storage unit and cannot deliver to many sloped drives. Since we deliver with a forklift, sloped drives are not a problem! The Storage Spot only needs 9 ft in width and 9 ft in height to place a unit. Remember that The Storage Spot has smaller sized units so several units can be placed in several locations at the same time.
Maximum Protection for Your Property While in Transit N/A Smaller units make it easier to load securely to avoid damage from furniture moving during transit. Larger containers make it more difficult to load securely.
Will It Fit on a Driveway? N/A The Storage Spot units are designed to fit in your driveway or parking space while allowing you to still get your car in and out. In addition, our units can easily be leveled allowing us to place them on sloping driveways. PODS® are longer and may not fit on your driveway if it is not long enough. Their length also makes them much more difficult to level. They work best on long flat surfaces. And PODS® are heavier and may crack concrete surfaces.