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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I rent from The Storage Spot vs. somewhere else?

At The Storage Spot, we take great pride in responsive, reliable service and good quality equipment: – We deliver the storage units when promised. – We pride ourselves in providing clean and well maintained storage units. – We have lower delivery charges. Because we are operated out of Central Illinois our transportation costs are lower then many of our other competitors. – Our delivery drivers are professionals who are safety conscious, polite and customer service oriented. – We provide a variety of sizes and delivery options to best meet your need. – Because we are a small, locally operated business, we can react quickly to provide customized service to meet your needs.

What if I don’t know what I need?

Our qualified representatives know what questions to ask to help you determine your best storage solution. They will ask you about what you need to store, how much of it, how long you will need a mobile storage unit, and what options you might need. The more information you can provide, the better we can help you!

How soon can my storage unit be delivered?

In most cases, we can make deliveries within twenty four (24) hours during the work week. Your representative can provide a definite delivery day and time frame when you place the order.

Do I need to be present for the delivery of my storage unit?

We would prefer that you or a designated employee be present when we make the delivery to identify the correct spot to place the mobile storage unit on your property and verify the condition of the unit.

How much space is required to place a unit on my property?

The exact dimensions required vary by the size of the unit.
40’ Units are delivered on a seventy (70) foot long tractor-trailer rig with a tilting flatbed trailer. The storage unit will slide off the trailer onto the ground similar to a refuse dumpster. We like to have at least seventy (70) feet of linear space in front of the storage container for the delivery truck to pull forward out from under the unit in a straight line. We cannot turn the truck and trailer until the truck and trailer are completely out from under the storage container. (So, 70’ for the truck + 40’ for the unit = 110’ total)

20‘ units are generally delivered with a thirty (30) foot long flatbed short truck with a tilting deck. The storage unit will slide off the truck onto the ground similar to a refuse dumpster. (So, 30’ for the truck + 20‘ for the unit = 50’ total)

10’ units are delivered with a truck that carries a forklift with it. We can deliver the 10‘ unit virtually anywhere you can drive a car.

If you are unsure about whether you have enough space to accommodate our equipment, we will gladly send a representative out to preview the site and determine the best way to deliver the unit.

How is the container delivered?

We deliver our 20’ and 40’ units using a tilt-bed truck and/or tilt-bed trailer. With the trailer raised, the container slides off the trailer resting on one end. Then, the truck/trailer will need to pull straight out from under the container. A 10’ container is delivered with a forklift from a truck setup similar to a “Menard’s” truck.

Which direction will the door be facing with the unit is delivered?

We can load the storage containers either with the doors facing the cab of the truck or with the doors to the rear of the truck. With the doors loaded to the cab of the truck, the doors will face the truck as we drive out from under it and away. With the doors loaded to the rear of the truck, the doors would be facing the same direction as a roll off dumpster. When scheduling a delivery let us know which direction to load the doors.

Is there any site preparation necessary?

The only thing you need to worry about is that the surface is fairly level, smooth, and firm. We can deliver on dirt or grass as long as it is not too soft or wet. We can also deliver on cement, pavement, asphalt, or gravel. If necessary, we can provide 4x4 or 4x6 timbers to place under the unit to mitigate sinking into soft ground. If ground conditions at your location are soft, please inform your representative so we can discuss preparations and alternatives.

How much is the cost of delivery and pickup?

Transportation costs vary depending on your location and the length of time commitment involved. Your representative can provide an exact quote when you place your order. Typically only the delivery charge is required unless there is a delay caused by your particular job site, i.e., foreman makes driver wait to unload.

How far will you deliver?

We deliver to all of Illinois. Though, if you need delivery elsewhere, we work with many firms nationwide.

Are the rental containers weatherproof?

Yes. We water-test all of our rental, new, and Grade A storage containers before they leave our delivery yard to be sure they do not leak. The containers are completely enclosed and will keep wind and rain and snow out so your contents stay dry and secure. Containers that are sold as is may not be weatherproof.

What type of payment is required upon delivery?

For rentals, we collect the first month's rent, plus delivery, pick-up fees, and any fuel surcharges.
For purchase, we collect the total sales price including delivery charge, sales tax, and fuel surcharge. We accept personal or business checks, cash, Visa, and MasterCard.

How do you bill for the rented storage container(s)?

We bill on the first of each month. Your first month’s billing will be prorated to the first of the following month. Your billing starts on the day the unit is delivered. Your billing cycle is then on the first day of each month. We expect payment within 30 days of each invoice. Alternatively, we can arrange for automatic billing on your Visa or MasterCard each month. Watch out, many of our competitors bill on a 28 day cycle which means they bill you for thirteen (13) months per year.

How secure are the storage containers?

Our storage containers are made of heavy duty steel which is very difficult to cut through. Most units have dual locking cam bars on each door so that you can put up to four padlocks on each container. In addition, many of our storage units feature a steel lock box on the doors where a padlock can be placed inside the steel box to hinder tampering. If security is a primary concern, our qualified representative can fully explain the security options available.

Does my local municipality require permits for this type of equipment?

That varies from one town or village to the next. The answer is usually found in the zoning code for your local municipality. It is your responsibility as the user to contact your local officials to find out if permits will be required.

What kinds of modifications are available?

Virtually any kind of configuration is possible. Popular modifications include interior shelving, extra security features, extra venting, interior lighting, side doors, and doors on both ends of the unit. Your representative can assess your needs and provide a quote on modifications to suit your time and budget needs.

How does the transaction process work?

Once we determine your needs and schedule the delivery of the appropriate unit(s), we will fax you a rental agreement spelling out the details of the transaction. Sale transactions are done on a prepayment or COD basis with a credit card, cashier’s check, money order, or company check.

Do I need insurance?

To complete a rental transaction, we will need you to fax back a signed copy of the rental agreement along with a Certificate of Insurance from your insurance carrier showing evidence of at least $1 million in liability and casualty insurance (Accord Certificate). We can usually get this done within an hour or so. It’s that quick and simple. Container purchases do not require the proof of insurance.